Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I think I had the closest thing to a panic attack that I have ever had on Friday night in San Francisco.
We got to the city at around 8:30 and had to park in a garage like three blocks from our "hotel". The guy waiting to be helped behind me didn't put on his brake and his car rolled into mine, which then ran over my toes! Thankfully it didn't hurt bad and it was fine by morning.

Then we walked to the "hotel" through a bad neighborhood. So I started crying, but I think it was just the scariness of being run over finally hitting me. I was scared that my car was going to get stolen, that we were going to get attacked, stuff that probabaly wouldn't happen. I though Brad was mad at me for overreacting, but the next day he told me he went to bed quietly crying because he couldn't fix it and make me feel better.

You might be wondering why I keep writing "hotel", well because we stayed in a hostel. We had a private room with a bathroom, but no TV or anything else. Which wouldn't be that bad, except because I was scared of driving around the city at night, or rather parking late at night, we didn't go out on Saturday night. It was so boring we went to bed at like 9:30.

APE was cool, but it was mostly like going to a comic shop with a lot of different choices. I saw Jeffrey Brown which was cool and got to meet the guys from Modest Proposal. There is only so long (three hours) that you can walk around there though.

So Brad was upset because we wasted all this money and he thought the trip was a total bust. Thankfully Sunday was pretty fun. We went down to Pier 39. We were going to go on the Alcatrez Tour but it was sold out. So we went to the Aquarium and then drove over the Golden Gate Bridge. Then on impulse I was going to drive part of the way home on Highway 1, which follows the coastline. We only got about 10 miles, the the road became closed, so we had to turn around and take the original way home. Oh well!

If I go to San Francisco again, I will stay in a better hotel and fly there.

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