Friday, April 28, 2006


On the drive home from San Francisco a few weeks ago, I found a cool new station on my sirius radio. It is old time radio shows. Brad and I totally lucked out that when we tuned in we got to hear an episode of The Twilight Zone! It was the "The Obsolete Man", which is a great one.

Then we heard a show starring Douglas Fairbanks where he had just gotten out of prison but then saw the man who he had been convicted of killing. Much hijinks ensued. That was pretty good too.What they were great at though, was keeping me awake.

p.s. I am going to Sedona for the night. Brad's Mom is up there and we get to stay in one of the rooms of her two room suite. I hope to have much fun. I think on the drive up, I will make Brad play The Pixies, Havalinas just so I can sing: old Sedona.....A-reee-zooonaa!

p.p.s. Isn't the weather just great today (and yesterday)?

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