Thursday, April 06, 2006


Brad and I are leaving for a weekend in San Francisco tomorrow morning. I am beginning to feel stressed about it because I haven't made a list of what I need to buy at Target tonight, or what I need to pack. I can be OCD that way. But I did print Google Maps of how to get to the hotel; how to get from the hotel to APE; how to get from the hotel to Chinatown; and how to get from the hotel to Haight and Ashbury. Yes I am a tourist, as anyone will be able to tell from the camera that will be attached to my hand

The weather is going to be cold, well at least by my Arizonian standards. It rarely gets to be 50° except in the two month long winter. And then only with 10% humidity. In San Fran it is going to be 75% humidity. I may have to buy an actual coat at Target tonight!

I will update with pics when we get back!

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