Thursday, April 27, 2006

That one candy with the sweetness?

The other day, I could not remember the name of a certain childhood candy. I kept giving Brad memory cues, but he was no help.
Me: It came in a tube of clear cellophane.

Brad: I don't know

Me: They were all different flavors and pastel colors.

Brad: I don't know

Me: They are like hardened pixie stixs.

Brad: Silence

Me: Nevermind.

Well I still didn't remember until I read it right now on someone else's blog: Smarties. Duh.

p.s. In 6th grade on the bus, my friend and I crushed them up and snorted them. There was no high, but much sneezing. That relates to the time my sister and I rolled up grass that we tore out of the yard in notebook paper and tried to smoke it. What? That's what "grass" means, doesn't it? No?

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